Dori Monson, local radio personality dies at 61

This is a bit of an unusual post, but it occurred to me that I should write a tribute to Dori Monson (local Seattle Conservative talk show radio personality—a bit of an oxymoron).

Few people have touched my life in the way that Dori did. I didn’t even know him, except for his radio show.

I tried to tune-in today (from noon until 3), and I heard that he had died. Dori has been with me since the early 2000s when I first began attending community college. I enjoyed him on my lunch breaks and on long runs.

It’s strange that such a good thing has ended. I feel like I have lost a part of myself. I know, that in the coming weeks I will try to tune-in to his radio show, and then I’ll remember his passing.

I enjoyed when he had Christine Gregoire, Washington State Governor on his show. She would open her mouth like a politician and the lies would pour out, and then Dori would play a recording of her saying, “I will not raise taxes.”

He would catch her in the act, with her own words. I loved it!

Dori was always polite and gracious to guests on both sides of the political aisle. He shared his life with his listeners, including what was happening in his family, and with his dog Star.

I enjoyed his dog food advertisements for Primera 1, which was the brand his dog enjoyed.

Dori recommended home insulation, finance gurus, windows, gutters, and cars, but I never felt like he was selling me anything. He always seemed like a person I could trust.

Dori coached his daughter’s basketball team and lead them to the championship in 2016. It’s strange, but he looks like a woman’s basketball coach.

His radio show was supercharged with great music and local news clips.

My favorite portion of his show was, “Todays sign that the end is near.” (Spoken in a comical, but somber voice.)

Dori would open with jet engines and beat music, with him shouting, “Yes!”

He was passionate about radio, and did his best to discuss social issues, like homelessness in Seattle.

Dori, if you read this blog post in heaven, I’m going to miss you!


One of your many loyal listeners you personally touched.