the words that we know

the voices that we hear

the faces we see, and don’t see


My vocabulary is limited

there are sentences, I can’t speak

worries and fears

wrapped up

in words

like presents


There is nothing worse, than walls—

ego defenses

protecting pain

and ordinary words, will not work

Submission, in a win-lose


is off the board

because, we are both Kings.

It is easy

to be right

and be alone

It takes courage

not to fake

a win.

How many people are celebrating themselves?

They’ve spent their lives defeating

everyone, they meet

to make them small

to murder their accomplishments

to eat away

all decency, like acid

with gossip, and cutting words

a bitter tongue

celebrating itself.

This game

is losing pieces

we can’t get back.

We must not do, what others do

We must love, despite cruel words.

Love is Eternal

like a song that doesn’t stop

People need to hear the words, seldom spoken

the vocabulary, so difficult to speak.

The choice to give good gifts

is yours.

Love—is the hardest thing to do

it’s what the world needs

it will change you.

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