Acting is an artform that I appreciate, and I do more acting than writing (We all do). We must act civilized and decent wherever we go.

It’s not funny when somebody at work tells a joke and then looks around the room to make sure it didn’t offend anyone. It’s like people want to break-out of their prisons, but they’re afraid to.

I think it was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Writing is a form of empathy, humor, and madness that can take-on many forms. Those who don’t examine their lives are the truly dangerous.

There is no better feeling than waking-up on a summer holiday and writing the thoughts that enter your mind. People just don’t give each other that kind of freedom.

The reason why I am in love with myself is that I give myself that kind of freedom. I hear my friends say, “If I wear this, what will people think?” or “If I buy that car, will it increase my status?” These thoughts are horrible thoughts.

What are good thoughts?

Good thoughts are fresh thoughts. These thoughts are the reason for writing.

There are no fresh thoughts in the news media cycle.

Everybody is thinking the same things.

What I am writing now

is not a fresh thought,

but a writer hopes to get lucky, anyway.

Writing is a celebration of the good and the bad in your life,

and I have been lucky to always have both.

People are dying before the age of 5. They get categorized into boxes and labeled. They never break-out.

They find their identity in their jobs. “I’m an accountant!”

They get self-esteem from other people. They don’t know what it means to live while they have a life. It is the scariest thing to watch.

Every day, I wake-up and pray, “God—help me hold onto my life. I can’t live without you.”

It is true—those who try to hold onto their lives will lose them, and those who try to be happy will be miserable.

There is only one way to live well and that is to make your life a work of art.

Everybody wants the good life, but they don’t know how to get it.

God is required,

and you have to grab onto God to have the good life.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Living the Good Life

  1. Life = ART
    & at the center is a beating heARR
    and God

    thank u for posting this

    I think it’s a new thought even if it’s already been thought up

    anyway – your writing is engaging & thought provoking and eye pleasing

    kudos to poetry and (as ?)
    the meaning of life

    Life is the meaning of life
    Nice is the MEANing ?

    -margie 🙂


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