the real problem with writing a really good novel


that it’s impossible to remember all of those philosophical insights

and feelings

that were happening to you

when you were experiencing them—

and all those snippets of consciousness

become like lost confetti, as if a child smashed in your skull

to see what was inside,

and all they found

were torn-up memories.

What happened,

doesn’t matter


Point A to Point B,

doesn’t matter.

What does matter

are all those beautiful layers of consciousness…

An artist sees reality differently

and goes in

and out of their mind

to observe and understand

what can only be seen

without their eyes.


3 thoughts on “Snippets of Consciousness

  1. That’s exactly what sets the artists, the writers, aside from the rest of the “crowd”, because they have, the more unique ways of looking, of, interpreting things that are, dissimilar to the, average, person.


  2. That’s why I write down every good thought and constantly reread my own words. It really helps. I know it makes me look extra crazy, but it helps. ❤️ Journaling out loud.


  3. I ***feel*** this.

    Oddly, I just wrote about banality… so it’s fresh on my mind. By the time I get to writing an idea, it’s no longer an original idea to me, and that magic is lost. I’m working on that, but I think we need to realize this issue and account for it.


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