A cat can wait for a thousand years

A dog can’t wait for its dinner

A cat is always doing something, by not doing anything at all

A dog looks for people to love it,

if not people, other dogs

if not other dogs, cats.

Cats need no love

the world belongs to them

they own neighborhoods

they own owners

they are never owned

only temporarily waiting…

for the next ten or twenty years

among several lifetimes.

Waiting, is a forgotten art.

Most, cannot wait

they forget, what they are waiting for.

There is nothing more terrifying

than something that waits.

A cat will spend days

looking into a hole

the mole

doesn’t have a chance.

Patient eyes

are never dull


to trap and play

with prey


to flame with fire


to kill

waiting, when nothing else in the world, will

Most, can’t stay alive

Cats live forever.


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