With writing, like life

there are percentages of lying.

Most of my stories are a percentage of truth

and then the rest is fiction.

Hope dries up.

I think the most frightening part of existence

is when it doesn’t rain

or it rains too much.

It’s difficult to be content in the desert

to be a pile of bleached bones.

Many of the beliefs that we hold onto are false.

My father told me:

Never write when you’re bored—just to entertain yourself.

But I say:

Any excuse to write, is a good one.

Eventually, we are owned by what we do

or don’t do—

That becomes our destiny.

the wrong time, is always the right time.

I learned to play on a piano

that was 100 years out of tune.

Being too careful, is the disease of modern society.

If you have anger—use it.

If you have frustration—grind.

Don’t try to arrive at contentment, if you are miles away.

If there are things that you want, don’t say to yourself, “I don’t want them.”

Allow misery to wash over you—it’s okay.

If people don’t like being around you

you are meant to be alone.

If it isn’t convenient

do it the hard way.

Not on sale?

Buy it.

The fewer limits you place on yourself

the more you will become



34 thoughts on “The Wrong Time is Always the Writing Time

  1. thanks for the kind advice.

    when time feels wrong, it is time to write, to set the record straight.

    i am finally grinding out fifteen years of anger and frustration. could i get your blessing? i will need as much godspeed as i can get.

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  2. With all respect to your father, I disagree. When you’re bored you can sit around and do nothing, stare at the boob tube, look out the window or maybe take a stab at writing something. I’ve done it; who hasn’t? Sometimes it’s quite surprising the great things that can come out of boredom.

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  3. Any time you can steal away to right is a good time. I find when I am writing off the cuff, bored if you will, I am free, lighter, writing from a space unconfined by lines. I tend to just let words and rhymes and rhythms flow. You are anything but boring.

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