When your name is mistreated

without reverence or respect

like sensitive flesh, raked across corals

and at best—ignored

relish, the silence

like an ocean without waves

where all sea creatures are thinking of you

their gossip, is like the ocean inside of a shell

they wrap you in seaweed

and unwrap you.

Heaven doesn’t exalt itself—

it just is

and earth doesn’t change

People come and go like the seasons, like their opinions

and you are always walking back to yourself—always finding someone new

and when they try to follow you, your footsteps vanish

and they are lost forever.

They may say, “You’re not a leader!”

but they chase after you

Their competitive words betray their shaky ground—all they know is to contend,

but you have mastered the art of non-contention

Your power, is in you—not in someone else.

You laugh when they try to take from you

You laugh when they try to give to you

You don’t exalt yourself—there is no need

Your mountain stands alone


without asking

for applause.


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