If you’re like me, you get tired of getting it right

all of the time,


getting it wrong,

proves that you are doing something different.

When we get things wrong,

this is usually due to negligence, boredom, and a subconscious desire for change.

You see,

making mistakes is the surest sign that you are free.

If you can’t make mistakes, you can’t step outside of the box.

In fact, making mistakes

is the only way to learn.

If you aren’t making mistakes, creativity can’t occur.

What does it say about society, that we are intolerant of people’s mistakes?

It’s like we expect people to be perfect

even though, we know people aren’t perfect.

It’s like we want to kill creativity

It’s like we don’t want to take chances

We are too afraid of risk

too afraid of stepping outside of the mold

too afraid of getting it wrong

too afraid of what people might think

I think,

we should make mistakes (I know it’s not popular to say this, but I believe it’s true).

We live in a society that can’t stop talking about empathy, but we are the most intolerant of people’s mistakes.

We prop-up tolerance as our primary virtue, but we don’t practice it.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t like society.

I prefer my own company, because

I give grace to myself, but I should also learn to give grace to others,

because I make mistakes.

3 thoughts on “On Making Mistakes

  1. Absolutely! But it may be a mistake to reveal the lie. 🙂 When we say, “Nobody’s perfect,” we ask others to forgive us – as you say, we give grace to ourselves – and we should really remember the same of them, too. But we act – and react – as if they should have been perfect.


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