I have never gotten along with English Teachers


they have too many rules

on how to write.

They have more opinions

than an ostrich—craning their neck over the neighbor’s fence.

English Teachers


English Teachers


they think

they might be writers

but they find out, quickly

that being a successful writer

takes more than following the rules.

In fact,

a writer who follows the rules is finished.

A writer doesn’t need anything


the blank page


the belief

that they

have something to say.

It’s always an English Teacher

who tells me to stop writing,

but I don’t

and that makes me a real writer.


4 thoughts on “English Teachers and Writers

  1. English Literature was one of my least favourite subjects at school. The teacher used to get us to read passages and then explain why we thought the author had made the protagonists speak or act that way. Only we would then be told, “No, that’s not right,” as if the teacher had been viewing the mind of the author as they penned those words. “How can you know it’s not right,” I used to wonder – though not out loud, of course.


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