If you threaten someone, it means you’re scared.

People smile, because

half-of-the-time they’re scared.

The great apes bare their teeth at strangers, but when they realize it’s a relative

they smile.

The wolf does not threaten its prey—it prefers to be non-threatening.

What evolutionary advantage is there in a sense of humor?

Well… humor promotes safety. If we tell a joke, and everybody laughs

everyone can relax, but what if the joke isn’t funny? –

that’s really scary.

This is why I am so scared of people (I think) –their jokes aren’t funny.

Their jokes are too safe,

too censored

Everybody is too careful—they don’t want to offend,

for fear of their fellow human beings.

Now, that’s truthful—I am so scared of people because they are one of the most irrational creatures on the planet, and they are pretending to be rational.

Get a group of them together, and you can have a world war.

What’s worse, is that they will think they are doing the right thing, while screaming for your blood.

The best at hate, are those who preach against it, and those who talk constantly about empathy, have the least amount of it.

They are dangerous, and it’s very disturbing.

The other day, people were asking me why I was wearing a suit

and I gave different responses, all of which were true

“I want to feel the power,” I said.

“I didn’t do my laundry, and the suit was all I had to wear.”

“I just felt like wearing a suit.”

Like I said, all of these statements were true,

but if you do something out of the ordinary, people think you are trying to make a statement

or that you want attention.

I’m not offended by their ignorance—I’m terrified of it.

What can we do about a humorless society? Nobody feels safe, anymore. Their jokes just aren’t funny.

Their jokes are too careful

too censored

Nobody laughs, anymore

Nobody feels safe

Who will stop this war?

The insane man laughs out loud

when nobody else does.

Perhaps, he

will end the insanity.


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