Much in life depends on your attitude

but most people have been fooled


they listen to self-help gurus

who admonish them with the correct attitude.

“Work Hard. Play Less.”

(you should listen to me, instead. ha ha.)

The “correct” attitude is a slave mentality.

Recently, my mother told me

that I remind her of Benjamin Franklin.

She gave me a book on his life.

“He was a writer too,” she said.

“You don’t say.”

“Successful People” live by Benjamin Franklin’s quotes

and they get



Because their attitude

is not an expression of who they are.

The coolest thing a person can do

is choose their attitude.

It will be called “bad”

by those who don’t understand it, and they will insist

there is something wrong with you,

but when you get

different results

they will

think of you

as a genius.

I admire those

who don’t work for a living.

How they survive

is by some kind of magic

or grace from the gods.

This attitude

brings them

into contact with powerful forces,

that moves them like a magnet

in a unique direction.


6 thoughts on “On the Power of Attitude

  1. Interesting thoughts – parts of this really resonate. Particularly the “slave mentality” I think anytime we conform to the norm out of feelings of wanting to fit in we are willingly turning ourselves into slaves. Choosing our attitude is the one thing that is ours to choose freely – it makes an enormous difference to not be a reflection of other peoples whims and moods and instead power on autonomously. I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing

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  2. That’s so true, life is all about attitude. When I decided to become a life coach, I debated a lot, in how could I coach attitude? Because that’s is what life is about, and, in my view, the only way to coach attitude is leading by example. My entire platform is about attitude or overcoming a childhood trauma. Which I ended up reversing my depression by getting released from 18 years of therapy, and reversing 2 prescription drugs. All thanks to Rock and Roll!

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