I internet searched a recent dream I had

and it said

that the black and white photograph of friends

meant that I was ready to move on with my life—

that it would be a smooth transition.

I believe in paying attention

to dreams.

My writing dream is one that I nurture

with warm milk

before I go to sleep.

I hear stories of people

who have headaches

they want to add credentials to their name

they are not satisfied in their position

I look at my life like a leaf

and the wind blows me

from here to there

I don’t fight it

I don’t argue with it

It whispers to me

and I listen.

If we confidently follow our dreams

we will wind up where waking reality never intended.


5 thoughts on “Dream Walker

  1. Catching dreams seems to be my thing, every time I catch one my life gets better and lighter, like an spiritual upgrade. Seems like is the Great Spirit guiding me through my dreams… recently I released a huge weight into the wind, so I could in fact start living the dream that I caught it recently…


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