What I admire


the alcoholic who gets sober for a reason

the fire that has been drowned, buried, and scattered

glows underground.

I admire a homeless man with mental illness

who decides to get a job

the cubicle worker who endures a sadistic boss.

I admire the man

in a small room


with his thoughts.

There are so many people

with opinions

that seemingly matter more

than your own,

but this just isn’t true.

I admire the survivors

who walk in and out

of society,


by the simple reality

of work.

I admire those

who are their own world


don’t advertise it.

I admire the man who knows he is weak

and decides to get strong

he listens to literature at night

he keeps his own counsel

the fight is out there

and he’s ready

#1372. Undefeated.


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