the end of a book can be satisfying

so that you want to read it over and again

or it can be disappointing

so that you throw it across the room—

I think life is that way.


My mother asked me, “Why didn’t you hang-out with anybody in high school?”

My response: “Because there was nobody there.”


I meet unpleasant people, all the time

They say, “Good Morning.”

It’s pleasant not to be around them.


I got published, recently

and now, when I read my poetry

to my mother (God Bless Her)

she hangs on every word.

This is what it must be like

to be a New York Times Best Selling Author.


The best feeling in the world

is not to care—

to look at what you have

and not feel any special attachment to it

to look at your life

and let it go

to look at your goals

and realize

that it’s not important that you get there.


How many people know what they want?

they think they know,

but it’s usually what someone else knows.


I’ve made an effort

not to be important.

People learn that I’m not important

and leave me alone.

It’s the most beautiful peaceful feeling

like a field full of daisies.


I find it amusing

that the most out-of-control people

try to control those around them

and they can’t.

There is a life lesson in that.


The most pleasurable insights

are the ones that make me free

that allow me to erase my hypocrisy.

Most people acquire wisdom to show it off

they say, “I am so wise.”

They want to teach others, rather than teach themselves.


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