“You’re deep,” she said, “but most girls are superficial. You need to dress better.”

She buried me alive

with one compliment.


People engage in conversation

to fill the silence

with empty words

to dress themselves up with language

that is utterly deceptive.

I engage in conversation to understand what is not being said.


Beauty has value

in an ugly world.


We lie to others

without saying anything.


Professionals prostitute themselves for money

without giving any thought to who they will become.


When a wise man spends year after year

in reflection, meditation, and reading

and realizes the limits to his understanding

he is horrified by politicians

who have

all the answers.


It takes too much anxiety

to hold onto intangibles—

these are perceptions and opinions.

If a person tells me,

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

and I give him a lecture on what I do know

it will only confirm his opinion.


A wise man cultivates peace—

unconcerned by opinions and perceptions

He acknowledges them, but nothing more.


If a man tells me,

“You don’t know anything.”

and then I proceed to tell him what I do know,

I am a fool.

We place too much emphasis on facts

and not enough on what we know.

We place too much emphasis on pictures

and not enough on who we know.


I like to watch popular people

doing what they need to do

to maintain their popularity—they are slaves.

It’s my party.


Being seductive is an Artform

It is the opposite of neediness

People are being seduced

all the time

by garbage

because they have a great big hole inside themselves that they fill, like a landfill.

A whole person

is extremely rare


extremely seductive.

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