Often, the sum of a man’s ambition doesn’t add up

because a woman gets in there

and mixes up

his numbers.


Being a pure mathematician

allows a man to do whatever he wants.

There are no contracts or guarantees

no security

A woman needs that

All a man wants is what a woman can give him

sex, sex, sex

food, food, food

love, love, love


Modern men want to get married, but marriage doesn’t exist anymore

because feminists killed it

with sexual liberation

career obsession

and self-love.


What happened to the primitive man?

He went to the woods and got a dog.


The modern woman doesn’t know how to cook, love, or enjoy sex.

She believes that she enjoys sex, because she has as much as a man,

but she feels like a used receptacle, unloved, like a candy wrapper

thrown away.

Society tells her that she is liberated when she blames a man,

but her only liberation is to take responsibility.


Men learn who they are when they are without women.

Women go crazy without men.

Don’t believe me? Look at the modern woman.


Men have lost their way because they are chasing women.

Women are always lost

because they follow the crowd.


In Modern times,

men act like women to get with women,


women act like men to get with men.

It doesn’t work.

5 thoughts on “Aphorisms on Being a Male Mathematician When Women Don’t Add Up 

  1. #3. 👍🏼
    Did I ever tell you about the time I went to the opera at Lincoln Center and inadvertently found myself too close to an anti-Trump rally and was verbally and nearly physically assaulted because I was not wearing a pussy hat like the bitter feminists screaming hate upon hate upon hate and if not for the NYPD I would have ended up as part of the asphalt?
    No? Well, it happened. Ugly, angry, unfulfilled Karens.

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  2. 90% of all murders happen by men.

    According to studies, over 51% of men want love with a prostitute.

    Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct.

    Men are obsessed with their own creations: math, cats/dogs, AI. But hate anything natural and are destroying it faster than female biology can replace it (nihilism vs biology)

    Scientist reduced the honeybees lifespan to 50%.

    Scientist say we’re in a 6th mass extinction.

    Women aren’t to blame for everything.

    Wake up!

    Men have completely lost the plot!


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