did something strange

to men and women

or maybe just men

(I’m writing from the male perspective, or maybe just my own perspective, which seems to offend most people.)

There’s this girl I’ve been obsessed with for 7 years

She just became single again.

I know all of the red pill rules,

but rationality quickly gets thrown out the window, like a hotdog.

She’s aggressive, and proud of it.

The last three men told her, “No.”

Now, I hope to be number 4, but I’ve never been good enough for her.

She’s rejected me over 5 times.

I fantasize about us being married

and watching her walk across my apartment naked.

Unfortunately, nature has compromised my mind.


tries to get in the way of bad decisions,

but even that doesn’t work.

She’s my Zelda

Zelda was crazy

Scott wrote the Great Gatsby.

I call my friend and say, “I have to write a master work, man.”

There’s a pause… he thinks I’m delusional.

The practical woman

doesn’t do it for me.

The safe and sane woman makes me bored

I need a dangerous woman

who will potentially wreck my life.

There’s somebody out there for everyone.


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