it’s bad

when the mind can’t stop thinking about sex

waking up at 2 AM, writhing on the mattress

the mind knows

that the transmutation of sex

is power

so it refuses to give in.

I wonder if Catholic Priests have this kind of strength

(It’s doubtful)

Most religious leaders talk a good game

but they cheat

in secret.

I think about asking coffee baristas, “How much money would it cost?”

I could brace-up against their answers.

Depending on what the girl with the nose ring and tattoos said,

I might have to load my trank gun.

If there is no game on the trail (girls in sports bras),

I might have to shoot myself.

Bramns was forced to play the piano in a bordello

when he was 12.

He was a delicate boy

with feminine features

and the girls who entertained sailors

pulled his pants down

and excited him. He was traumatized,


remained celibate for the rest of his life.

Guess why he became a genius?

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