Modern Movies


Because the audience is Bad

They reflect the mind of the masses

gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome



sex and blood

My friend’s dad is learning the piano

and he tells me that he appreciates music more than ever.

Appreciation of refined art is not a passive process—

it goes deep.

Literature speaks to the reader, when the reader talks back

Paintings worship the Artists, and fall silent when stared at by Apes.

Girls don’t want Boys to love them—

they want Instagram Likes (unlimited validation).

I love to fan the flames of our gay psychologist

I call him “Doctor”

and puff up

his pride.

It’s a pleasure

to see his nose go into the air

like a master of the universe.

I stopped playing the piano

because I was tired

but a guy like me has to play,

even when he thinks he’s going to die.


he is sucked

into the foolishness

of modern movies.

4 thoughts on “Art Appreciation and the Foolishness of Modern Movies

  1. Interestingly, the word “vomit” comes from Latin and means “to allow out”. A vomitarium was a passage or chamber leading to the outside, through which people would leave after the spectacle in the circus. But yes, movies reflect the culture of the day, and right now, with so many hard decisions to make, some people are understandably interested in shallow diversions. And perhaps they don’t want to spend time searching for and appreciating refinement. But has it not always been so? Art isn’t made for ‘Everyman’: it’s made because the artist needs to get something from his soul into the light, where others might find an echo in themselves. And there can be fine art even in modern movies: just check out Quentin Tarantino’s work and look for the different layers. 🙂

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