born into the aristocracy

with nothing to do

but shoot-up between the toes

reading books

with nothing to aspire to

riding horses

over rolling green fields

full of daisies


is the enemy

with no stairs to climb

no surprises

at the top

and just below

is the bureaucracy—

a strata of sludge

where “average” people

fight for position

like wild dogs

ripping at the spine

to break the back

you can’t trust a hungry animal

they are all one-eyed jacks

the poor don’t have a chance

hard work

won’t wash away the dirt

Why am I telling you this?

Wisdom only goes so far

the nature of man is too deep to know

He deludes himself

by believing

that he knows himself

There is an animal in there

that wants to eat

its way out

it’s mean

it sleeps, but

when it wakes up

it will do just about anything.


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