Even an old lady has a skeleton

and guts (just like you, and just like me)

that have processed

more food

than a soft serve ice cream machine

but we don’t care about her insides, do we?

It’s her skin,

ivory teeth,

and emerald eyes

that capture the imagination of a man.

Men and Women lack style,

so they shop for it in department stores.

They don’t walk long distances, anymore.

They ride in horseless carriages

with horsehide seats, made in Italy

by sadists

who beat the flesh

to loosen it up

before they strip it off.

NBA basketball players


wearing 18 carat gold rings

and diamonds

that glitter

beyond the rainbow.

Cheerleaders shake their pom-poms

and move their booties on the dance floor.

Kings sit on thrones

and angry poets write about them

in secret.

Sperm shoots into toilets

and clogs the sewers of the cities with flagella


monsters grow in the deep dark drains

like Pennywise the Clown.


Stephen King’s face

reveals the madness within,

like Dorian Gray.

There are flocks of children everywhere

like chickens that won’t lay eggs

They peck at each other,

grow to maturity,

and get their necks chopped off.

I can’t help those who need it the most

so I have to help myself.

I have spent enough time around children

These people

only know how to make more of themselves

The price tag is what they value

How many likes they get on TikTok

They grow old

with the arrogance of youth.

Beware of old women

who were nothing but young.

Beware of old men

who only screw young women.


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