There is nothing more invigorating

than the free mind

but library fines, steal my dimes



make impact.

I wish I was floating free

in outer space.

How long would I last

before I became lonely?

I lose things,

and when I find them,

it’s a new relationship.

I lose friends

and they don’t know me.

I lose my life.

It’s so difficult to keep track of things.

Women grow cold

I can’t warm them up.

I wonder why

an ice planet stays frozen for trillions of years

before the sun blows up.

A black hole

sucks the light

out of outer space.

There is no mother earth,


frozen dinosaurs can’t read.

They thaw and bleed,

like a steak

heated by volcanoes,

like a barbecue in January.



for the meal

they cannot taste.

We begin to breathe

and we begin to die.

How do we know which one we are doing?

If you can’t answer that,

you’re frozen.


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