the space in my mind


as the hole in my heart



is misunderstood.

I swallow a job

that doesn’t feed me.

I am polite

because I have to be.

I sit behind a bigger desk

and smoke a pack of cigarettes.

“Is something burning?” My secretary asks me.

“No. It’s just the exhaust, from the cars outside,” I lie.



all wrongs.

I grab my lighter

and set my desk on fire.

Automatic sprinklers turn on

The fake rain

is like a false baptism.

I am born again.

Where are the answers?

I can tell you

where they are not…


They must be found in books

or between the notes of symphonies.


is common. I am searching for the uncommon kind.

I swallow culture

and it makes me sick.

I need to be alone.

I feel great power, when I don’t eat

when I sleep all day

when I see the day, and the day doesn’t see me.

Everybody, is trying to get promoted.

Have they ever held a nation hostage?

One man,

against the president

and all the president’s men.


thrown out the window

like an alarm clock

that doesn’t warn society.

I will climb the clock tower

when there is no time left

when the little hand

and the big hand

point to heaven

and strike



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