Many employees, wives, spiritual teachers, etc.

have an empty feeling

at the end of the day.

There is no greater feeling

than filling this emptiness before lunchtime—

it’s better than a hamburger and fries.

I do it with writing

but I suspect

that it could be done

with damn near anything.

That is the great mystery: status, fame, drugs, religion

don’t always work.

I like to play golf, to even myself out.

While finishing my Doctorate Degree, I told my boss that I wanted to be a great golfer and a writer.

She didn’t understand me—to her, these were only hobbies, to kill time.

It’s easy, to become too serious, and not to cultivate luck.

The luckiest man in the world has everything that he needs—

and by not being dependent, he is the master.

Bosses want control over others, which is a kind of slavery—

they always have a boss,


they resent anyone who avoids this trap.


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