was a wise man, but he preferred to be called

a learned man.

He loved learning

from the masters of the past.

He served many kings

who openly admitted

they wanted conquest.


taught music and courtly propriety to his followers

so they might be able to serve great kings

and in so doing

become great themselves.

This was the only way

their wisdom could penetrate the culture.

Unfortunately, Confucius, nor his followers, were recognized in their lifetimes.

One King after another, scorned their wisdom.

When Confucius held a position, some courtly entertainers were immodest

so he put them to death.

They violated the rules of the court.

Confucius executed many

because their conduct was not appropriate.

How easy it is

for a “wise man”

to become a tyrant.

Men are not meant to be gods

and most of them

want to be.

On a very small scale

I can see the tyrant in myself.

It is so easy

to see the tyrant in others

and more frightening

when they don’t see it,

in themselves.

Moral courage might be

the ability

to recognize this failure in our humanity

and press on with the dignity

required to do one’s duty.

Now, I’m sounding like Confucius

who emphasized rules

to govern morality.

When we lack morals

we become obsessed with injustice.

A decadent society loves the law

because they have no love of truth.

Lawyers profit from lies.

8 thoughts on “Confucius—a man of justice, or a tyrant?

  1. We are obsessed with injustices because we do not see ourselves as part of the problem. We are insatiable shoppers. We see only others as immoral and unjust. We envy the success of others.

    Our lack of faith in truth is a result of our lack of faith in God. Looking to the false god of law to create laws we agree with will not make us examples of respect and of mercy toward others.

    We accuse the powerful of greed and mercilessness while we demand that Christianity and belief in our merciful God be destroyed. The destruction has been a statue-smaashing success.

    Our nation of victims are not men and women enough to admit they got what they lusted for and therefore have no business complaining.

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