Knowing when to take a break, when to be lazy, when to let go

is the most crucial

spiritual practice.


There is such a thing as too much spirituality

just as there can be too much self.


We have to get away from who we are, forget who we are, lose track of our bodies

and then return to the pleasures

that we

enjoyed on planet earth.


When a man finds that he has nothing to say

he can finally enjoy the silence.


There are many foods to eat

that don’t feed the body.


A fat nation

is starving its soul.


It takes no taste

to appreciate what’s popular.


Great art changes you. It’s a spiritual thing.

Most art

is worse than a waste of time—

it convinces people

that art is a waste of time.


15 thoughts on “Aphorisms on Pleasure, Peace, Popularity, and Pain (or Fame)

  1. Number eight—that’s a good one. For the most part, post modernism and contemporary art could be accomplished by a chimpanzee splashing around buckets of paint, or a child finger painting. To me, art encompasses beauty, not a golden toilet or other such nonsense.

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