I can see myself, clothed in white

teaching a crowd

of gullible people

while I bask in the glory,

but then their problems arrive…

“Heal my boy.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

“You mean, you won’t do that!”

“No, I can’t.”

“What can you do?”

“I can look good, talking to you, but in all honesty, my bladder is leaking, and I’m worried about the yellow pee-stains you might see on my robes.”

“Tell us the truth!”

“I’m just a man. I don’t have any special wisdom. I don’t even know who I am.”

“But you’re spiritual!”

“That might be true. Look here, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you next Sunday.”

I play golf with my Indian friend. He delights me, with his crazy driving.

“This car is nothing like my other one. It’s a V2 engine.”

“I don’t think they make V2 engines,” I said.

“It is. It’s slower than a V4. See…”

“He tries to run a yellow light. It turns red. He’s still accelerating. He slams on the break.

He tells me about traffic in India, while he points to the GPS, and cruises between the center lane and the carpool lane.

Mothers are honking and giving us signs.

“Kentucky reminds me of India,” he said.

We get to my other friend’s house.

His sister is there, looking good. She pays attention to my handsome Indian friend.

Look at me! I scream inside.

It’s dangerous being a spiritual teacher.


9 thoughts on “It’s dangerous being a spiritual teacher.

  1. And then you have the huge fall from grace which inevitably gets us all. 😩❤️🌻 Fixing that is… Fun. Don’t worry about the bladder. I think that’s a common thing for spiritual people. I deal with it. 😜

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  2.     They say, “Once the teacher has given and explained the recipe, students must bake their own cake, if that is what they find nourishing, or ruminate their thoughts while cooking up delights and miracles of thought and dreams, but still they must avoid a traffic jam before sitting.”
        Actually, this is no such saying. Or maybe, the actor can have a costume, but the play must be amusing enough to lift he spirits and teach a lesson that is gentle and hidden in delight.
        There is the further question: Does a woman prefer the actor or the playwright?

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