the children will always have problems

and the adults will always have problems

and the poor will remain poor

and the rich will get richer

and the humble will become arrogant

if they were ever humble

to begin with

(Humility, is usually a disguise).


It has been said, that philosophy is verbal masturbation

and if this is so

I play with myself, most of the time.

I love wisdom.

My bible teacher told me “It’s a sin to amuse yourself.”

His name was Mr. Dyke,

and he taught sex ed with Mrs. Semen.


I am curious about what I don’t know

and when I learn it

I don’t share it (the world is full of teachers).


The triumph of fools is technology.


Wealth is not money—it’s what you can do with it.


Fame is not popularity.

People have to work at being popular. If they stop, they sink, like sharks.

Fame is that enviable raft that floats, carrying survivors above the deep.


An artist wants to be understood.

Unfortunately, people see art, and only see


This is why most people don’t understand great art

They think it common.

They are always voting for politicians who remind them of who they would like to be. 


An education puts a capstone on learning, like a headstone

It makes knowledge conventional, dead.

Knowledge without imagination is useless

Imagination without knowledge is childlike

Most adults can’t remember what it was like to be a child

An adult-child, is a failure

A child-like adult, is a genius

Strange, how the sequence of words, changes their meaning

There is a sequence to success, similar to the sequence of words in a sentence.


Learning is a luxury

It can be uncomfortable

and that’s why most people prefer what they know.


Most people have vague notions of truth

because they don’t want to look closely—

not so much, because of what they are afraid to find

but because it hurts their eyes and their mind.


Most people learn to hate learning in school.

That is why, most people are ignorant and well-educated.


If a man can acquire information (available to everyone)

and transmute it into knowledge (associated with his personal experience)

and apply it adaptively (because it effects how he thinks, which is the cornerstone of wisdom)

he can have power.

That power

cannot be stolen, until old age becomes a thief.

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