I have let go—

it’s gradual.

If one does it all at once

it feels like a fall

or a suicide.

No, it must happen


I stopped caring

about paying my bills


getting my car insurance renewed.

I’m saving money

My blood pressure is down

I don’t want to get into fights, even when I’m insulted

I laugh inside, and my happiness shows

I look at people, trying to control their blood pressure

with pills

and I yawn.

I tell my employer, “I would prefer not to.”

“Well… I’ll just get somebody who does want to! Don’t expect a promotion.”

“The promoted are jumping off buildings,” I said. “Once they get to the top, they notice they’re alone. There’s nothing up there.”

I sing from my soul

I whistle down the street

Stray dogs follow me

I am liberated

and pretending to be

a solid citizen.

It feels good

to soak in the sun

without a care in the world.


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