they don’t understand

nor should they

the universe is blooming with mysteries

and all they want

is one simple sentence

that explains it all.

they are like deformed babies

that grew up


they reach for adult toys

to pleasure themselves.

they don’t want wisdom

they want power

and they cry and complain for more

mommy and daddy won’t give it to them

I laugh

I take a lighter and burn my poems

I listen to their threats

with mild amusement

I have a bad reputation

I am elbowed out

on the fringes


right where I belong

they have seen to that

I am not a victim

on the contrary

I feel more powerful than ever before

My indifference is like gasoline

their anger

is amusing

they try to destroy me

with flames

they burn themselves


the world is a beautiful place.

I am the fireman.

4 thoughts on “Fire Power

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t feel tortured or abused; more like ignored, but like you I write for my satisfaction only. That’s all me can do if we are serious about it, right? WRITE ON!

    Liked by 1 person

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