delight me

with their nuance

like the sun



the clouds

and creating

a sparkly dark light.

They can’t say

what they really feel,

like in the school yards

in kindergarten.

“You bitch! I hate you!”


they say “hi” in private

but ignore you in public.

They intentionally say

your full name

your legal name, and not the one

you go by.

This is their way

of stripping away

your humanity

in public—

all the soft subtle things

that are said





and the best way to endure

these games


a game

is to learn to love to play them—

to appreciate their nuance

like the sun

going between the clouds.

4 thoughts on “the games within a game

  1. Good observations. 🙂 When someone seeks to diminish another [in relation to the ideals they hold and aspire to reach] it means they’ve already lost any inner certainty that their ideals are right. You don’t attack someone who’s patently wrong; you attack someone who threatens you. So yeah, if you are attacked, it means you’ve already more than half ‘won’ – even if you didn’t know you were in a conflict. Be confident.

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