the giant was friendly

and he didn’t know why


were unfriendly

“Did you see that freak!?”

He walked through the airport,

trying to look small

but he couldn’t hide.

On the airplane, the giant sat on three seats

and when he had to go to the bathroom

they gave him a bucket

to shit it.

“This belongs to an elephant—not a man,” the stewardess said,

as she dumped the contents

down the toilet.

The giant made a living

being a freak.

He just wanted to live in a small town

but he was too big for that.

They made him wrestle lions

and he played with them like pussy-cats.

Wild things

loved him.

He could break a man in half

but he didn’t want to

He just wanted the love of a woman.

His back hurt, and his knees were shot

He drank 106 beers

to kill the pain,

but it only made him numb.

He was a giant

among little people.


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