When a writer needs discipline

to do their work

they are in hell—

much like a marine, with a crew cut

and their drill instructor

shouting at them.

Jumping Jacks




Just think what horrible thoughts

come out of bootcamp

Silly, inane, sexual thoughts

Somebody has control of your mind

and it might be you

There is no voice

inside your head

whispering to you

in the barracks

in the showers


on the obstacle course.

The rifle range is different, though

the heartbeat

between breaths

Zen Breathing

and careful aim.

Somebody who stands outside of life and death

makes for a great artist.

The willingness to kill, but not to use force

to let it happen

You are the dead man, walking

as you take careful aim

He is in your sights

and that empathy

is what every writer needs

before he kills

with his words.

Blood shooting

six feet

out of your back

A poem is relaxing

it’s not a hard thing

it doesn’t accomplish anything

it’s a soldier who knows

he will die

it’s brown and gold leaves


from the sky.

13 thoughts on “A Poem is a Beautiful Dead Thing

      1. There are objective truths. But for an artist, it doesn’t matter. He is the god of his universe where he is free to creates his own version of reality. This impossible freedom is something we aspire as artists(poets).

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