feeling good

is not something I can sustain

no matter

what kind of religious revelation

I might have

no matter

how much love a woman might give me

no matter

what I’ve accomplished, personally or professionally

What’s funny, are the lies people try to sell me

when I’m feeling bad.

They hang around like salesmen

I attract them like flies

I must be sweet, or full of decay

They ask me for my advice

and keep me in the loop

“Why did you get rid of your video games?” The science teacher asked me. “Do you want to be a famous writer, or something?”

“I want to do what I love,” I said.

My aura of energy glows

like a mosquito lamp

that kills

anybody who gets close to my positivity.

I know it’s only a matter of time

until I feel good again.

So, I wait them out in the dark

and listen to those bloodsuckers die


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