I have never wanted to be a boss.

It carries with it

a sick feeling in my stomach—

all those complaints

from government employees

and the women, and the men who have learned to act like women.

The mother in my meeting

challenges my competence

with lines of criticism on her face.

I don’t care

and slowly, she learns that I know what I’m doing.

By the end of our meeting, we do what she wants

and she smiles at me

like we are best friends.

I leave

like a cold robot

and go back to my office

without passion.

Beating the system

is farther away

than it’s ever been,

but I still have time on my side—

and that’s all a writer needs.


4 thoughts on “All a writer needs, is…?

  1. Beating the system

    is farther away

    than it’s ever been…

    Not many lines stick out for me – other than my own 🙂 – but these are worth jotting down. A good write – a good read. —CC

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  2. Haha. Many people in business experience similar meetings – with a coercive ‘father’ or ‘mother’ in charge. The dynamics end up the same: “You’ll do it my way and if it’s right, I’ll take credit, but if it’s wrong you’ll accept that you agreed to do it [and you’re the expert].”

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