My dad sits on the couch

he’s 73

My mother flits about

My dad reads and watches TV

Strangely, this is what most American lives turn-out to be.

In our 20s and 30s

we pair up

get married

and celebrate it, like a victory.

A wife wants a man who is career-motivated,

has a fear of losing his job,

and his family.

Sometimes, she stokes this fire with love


her red-hot poker.

The roaring 20s are exciting

for alpha lions


for females on the prowl.

The difference between loser and lion on the savanna is enormous.

When women hit 30

and the wall

they search for teddy bears

willing to give free hugs

and be there

right where

she left him.


3 thoughts on “What Women Want at 20 and at 30

  1. Funny that you write like you know how a woman thinks. Probably better to speak from the voice you have which isn’t the one that chooses another’s narrative. Ie you can’t speak for what a female wants. Because you’re not one. This is sexism on display. Sad day.

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