Holding onto a thought

and then letting it



like a fish

that gets


on the end of my line.

I like to spend time


like a fisherman

who enjoys

catching ideas, and then

letting them go again.

How horrible

to lose your mind

and not be able to fish anymore.

It’s similar to the teachers

talking in the hallways…

Much is said

but not much is thought.

It’s like a person with short-term memory loss

who says things,

but can’t form a coherent thought.

Word Salad

The principal caught me

in my office

reading a book.

He’s a kind of fisherman

who catches professionals doing

what they’re not supposed to do,

and what’s funny

are the hours wasted

by all his obvious employees


about nothing.

He wears a suit

over his t-shirt

and walks



He has places to go,

but doesn’t go anywhere.

I travel

inside my mind.


8 thoughts on “Fishing for Thoughts

  1. Maybe the Principal is also fishing for what makes an organisation perfect, efficient and effective, and catching people who appear to be slacking is how he fills time whilst waiting for those other fish to come along and nibble at his bait. Could be the basis for an interesting chat with him: two fishermen, waiting for the big one. Nice piece.

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