Getting wealthy on wisdom

is a fool’s profession


it takes far too long to get recognized

by ordinary folk

and by then,

poets, prophets, and philosophers

are usually dead—

either by starvation, angry kings, or religious fanatics who don’t like to think too much.

There are exceptions, though:

like Thoreau


King Solomon, who was the wisest man to have ever lived

even though,

he had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

He wrote the book of Proverbs

and warned about the adulterous woman.

He couldn’t have been that wise, though

to have so many wives,

and why would he ever think of committing adultery?

He had three women

for every day of the week.

God made him wealthy, because he asked for wisdom.

Now, does that make sense?

9 thoughts on “King Solomon—a Fool, or the Wisest Man to Have Ever Lived?

  1. What I’ve realised is that most people who say “don’t do this”, are the ones who’ve had the experience of that particular thing, so they don’t want other people to experience such!
    Considering that almost all of us have a particular weakness, I think King Solomon’s weakness were women. Yes he was wise, that’s why he’d been aware about the consequences of his lifestyle, but due to his weakness, he continued loving them anyway!

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  2. King Solomon was both. His great wisdom turned into arrogance. His arrogance turned into vice. His vice turned into his kingdom’s downfall. Much like Adam, Solomon is a Biblical example of a man who failed in his role of male leadership. By the end of his forty year reign, he had failed in moral leadership, integrity of action, and economic and political leadership. He failed to make personal sacrifices for the greater good, therefor God visited Solomon’s downfall upon Solomon’s son.

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      1. God gave Solomon “a heart wise and shrewd as none before you has had and none will have after you.” He did not give Solomon God-like wisdom, nor did God grant Solomon great humility. Solomon was still a man with the free agency to deny God, as we all are. As the Clintons are. It is an interesting contrast between Solomon and David. David repented early in life after the prophet Nathan confronted him for his adulterous, murderous behavior, leading him to humility and wisdom in later years, where Solomon has great wisdom as a young man, which led to his arrogance and downfall.

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