I remember playing King of the Mountain

on the jungle gym

in elementary school.

Kids got thrown off

and broke their arms

until their parents complained


filed lawsuits, like angry corporate executives


in suits

and hanging in a closet.

It’s true

what scientists say,

“Alpha Chimps have heart attacks

and go gray.”

It takes a lot

of energy

to defend a position,

but the perks

are perky breasts

while second tier chimps

collect the crumbs

and stay there forever

because there’s no stress.

Betas are told what to do by the females

and the females don’t want anything to do with them.

They masturbate themselves and live in a dream world

while their hair falls out

and they die young.

Why am I telling you this?

The only way

to transcend this silly game

is to know what it is.

It is not important to be King of the Mountain,

but it is important to be King of Yourself.

I have seen overweight divorced women

who have financial problems

family problems

and mental health problems,

who can’t get along with their co-workers, and boss them around.

They are on anti-depressants

and teaching kids how to feel good.

A man in charge of a city

is less

than a man in charge of himself.


don’t ask

why they want to be in charge

They don’t consider the cost

All they want

is to be significant

because they can’t find that

in themselves.

Society has told them

what to do

and they do it.

“Put your career first. Don’t let a man tell you what to do.”

Now, the females are dying young

and the alpha chimps are going insane

and the Betas

are the same

and a few, second tier males

have figured-out the game.

They don’t want fame

They only want

to be in charge of themselves.


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