As the power inside of you


you know it

and as the power


you know it

When the power gets really low,

you start reaching out to things

good things

and bad things

and it’s not that the things you reach out to

are good or bad,

it’s that,

you reach out to them,

and there is an empty feeling

that grows deeper still

until finally,



I’m searching for kindling

Night falls, to midnight

and there is no light

Artists have it, until fame snuffs it out.

It can be put-out

by anything

We’ve all felt it—

that warm feeling

We create with it

It’s total absorption with a task

the world might be burning

while you fiddle-away the days

The hours go

and they don’t come back

What should we do with our time?

It’s not enough

to build a career, a house, or a family

I want that warm feeling

It’s the story-teller who never runs out of stories

and entertains the town

He goes home

and the stories never stop.

It’s not just his imagination

It’s magic

all the time.


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