A mother’s love is more meaningful


the love of a nation


the horrific honor we gain

by killing


mother’s son.

Love doesn’t say, “Come back with your shield—or on it.”

Those boys on the beach screamed for their mothers

as their soft bodies were pieced

and doused with impersonal flames.

When I was a boy,

I would sit with my mother

in the sunshine,

and the grass was green

and the wind was warm

and when she smiled at me,

her golden light

defined the day.

People build their lives on hard things

and not flowers,

but it’s the weak things, in this life

that have comforted me.

This life will pass away

Love is the only way

Any wisdom

won’t work

unless there’s love behind it,

and all the hard lessons

we might learn

are useless


we love.

7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. And, if we’d all been, loved, correctly by our own mothers, then, there wouldn’t be that many problems in this world right now, but, we aren’t all, that, lucky, to have caring, loving mothers who gave us the, unconditional love we required, to become, well-rounded, adults.

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