Your face is hard, like a brittle tree

it has broken in several places, like angry bark.

Your nose and cheeks

are carved

in wood

by a chisel

that inflicts pain.

I know you’ve been burned,

and perhaps, you set the fire.

I can see the black marks on your soul.

You try to cry, but your well of tears

has dried up.

You walk rigid

Your roots have rotted

You tore-down your house, years ago.

When you say, “No”

and make demands,

I know

no man

will ever love you.

You said,

that you were chasing a man to Mexico.

He was leaving the country

to get away from you.

You act feminine, like a witch

that has a twitch.

Your laughter

is a lie.

There is a spirit inside of you

that wants to kill, like a predatory cat

that searches for weak mice.

Your eyes are a dead give-away

they want death. Your pupils are small.

You make fun-of boys.

“He’s a space cadet!”

I saw you at Safeway

but you didn’t see me.

You were full of hostility.

You are living in a hell of your own creation

and you bring that to everybody.

Your clothes

and vacations

and games

will end,

and what will you have?

I wanted to describe you, but I don’t know why

When I first met you, you were kind

Now, you interrupt me on the phone

and never admit that you’re wrong

You scream, like the wind.

I bend to you.

I am centered in the Tao.

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