to make decisions independent of desire

like a man on a diet


healthy vegetables—Avocadoes, Asparagus, Artichokes

Eating green foods

to feel good.

I used to be patient

I had to be

People made me wait, constantly

but I never got angry.

It was a blissful feeling

to love peace.

I did not have any expectations for other people

I was not disappointed

or bitter,

but then I listened to the wrong teacher…

I gained knowledge

and adopted his attitude,

and the truth was bent.

There is no greater pleasure,

than to correct oneself—

to see people as neither good,

nor bad,

and to make decisions from a higher place.

A quality of wisdom

is being able to prune your branches

sort through your library


dispense with arrogance.

At bible study, young men love to talk about wisdom,

like hidden truths they have collected, as if they captured lightning in a jar


the search for truth is never bottled-up, like a fine wine, and placed in a cellar.

It runs, like the blood of sages, through the pages

of books—

through the artifice of nature

and the wholeness of God.

It is our willingness,

to love correction,

and be devoted

to the way.

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