The reason why writers go insane

is that they believe they have a novel

inside them

and they can’t get it out.

It’s a psychological constipation—a spiritual illness.


Everybody that I’ve talked to

has tried to write a novel

but none of them

have tried to build an atomic bomb.


Most people copy other people

They do what others do

They think what others think

They feel

how they are supposed to.


If you are a creative person,

you won’t fit in

and to try to,

is a sin.

3 thoughts on “Aphorisms On Writing

  1. To write a novel requires a certain discipline – much like that in building a bomb, or designing an efficient and effective theatre. Each part must be in the right place, and have the right connections. No part can be weaker than it needs to be, nor bigger than it needs to be. It takes careful planning, which gets easier (but no less necessary) with long experience. If the novel isn’t coming, practice the discipline as much as the actual writing.


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