there is no better feeling

than feasting

on your own words

as they come out of your mouth.


Genius might be the ability

to use grains of sand


like lying on a beach.



gets in the way of love


leads you to ambition.


It can be difficult to want something bad enough.

Wishes are like Butterflies

that float around.

Desires are like Deer

that run away.

Ambition doesn’t know what it wants

A lion is willing to kill anything,

if it’s hungry enough.


If a man plots out his life

and he plots out his stories

and he plots out his process

he is unstoppable.


Spend enough time alone

and you see things


What isn’t clear, becomes obvious.


It feels good

to walk confidently

in your own direction.


We fool ourselves with our beliefs

We pray for a different result

We hope that God will help us

We don’t try anything new

If we do,

we quickly lose faith.

The more actions that you take

The more likely your results will change.

One thought on “Aphorisms on Ambition

  1. Part 4 is the key, isn’t it. It’s ok to merely hope, if we are also happy when hope doesn’t come to fruition (and perhaps can see why). But if we want the fruit, we have to climb the tree: what drops by itself might not be quite what hope projected.


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