a telemarketer calls…


“I have some siding to sell you.”


Play the game. Wait him out.

In time, he will hang up.

He will never call again.

He will underline you (as a problem) in red pen.

I have never been in a hurry

and potential fast-paced problems leave me behind.

Everybody is far ahead.

I walk

over the finish line,

in the dark.

I enjoy a life they will never know

they are too fast-paced for me

I am slow.

I meander, like a cat

predatory at night

patient, in the summer breeze

as the daylight hours wane

and the summer sun blinks behind the clouds.

My friends are married.

They own houses

with old siding.

A telemarketer calls…


“Are you happy with your siding?”

“No. Can I buy some on credit?”

“Of course.”

5 thoughts on “Put the World on Hold, and Feel the Power

  1. Had a telemarketer call me about cleaning my ducts (sounds like ducks)
    I’m usually not too fast on the draw except this time.
    My automatic response was, “I don’t have ducts, I have chicken.
    There was a brief moment of silence, and then the line went dead.

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