When the lion stops waiting to be fed

the zookeepers get nervous.


When the giant realizes his dad is dead

there is nobody bigger than he is.


One must develop a style.

Being a writer isn’t enough.


We all have ways to take-on the world—

most of us do it in traffic.


I believe in signs and superstitions that confirm my success,

but when they show me the opposite omens,

I conveniently become an atheist.


A man who looks for romance

is seldom satisfied by beauty.

Nature provides young willowy women without soul

The Romantic is waiting for a rose, budding with grace.


There is nothing more satisfying than becoming who you want to be.

You don’t tell anybody; they just figure it out, slowly.

You are writing 2,000 words a day.

You are a novelist.

There is no better feeling than that.

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