It can be difficult to think

without food.

A fat man’s excuse

is that he needs to think

like a fat buddha, but fasting often provides unusual clarity,


God talks to us, when we’re starving

I don’t know why, but

it’s nothing new.


not eating

is an enormous relief


it frees up the mind

and sets the body loose

from the soul.

Now, the spirit is in charge

and all that time


worrying about the body

is gone.


demand energy

to digest food

and all the poisons that come with it.

A break from the body

makes the spirit thrive.

There is no need for exercise

only to rest

and receive the answers.

What we eat

becomes a part of us

and what we see

becomes a part of us

and what we feel

becomes a part of us

and what we hear

echoes inside of us.

If you stop all senses

you stop


but the spirit

and begin to understand

what you are doing to yourself.

Most people can’t stay in a quiet room alone—this is evidence.

What if everybody stayed home?

There would be no rage in the streets.

If ambition, lust, and greed are stopped

the world can be at peace.

Sadly, those without peace

are the ones who cause war.

Your inward desires become your destiny,

unless they can be restrained,

but why should we restrain ourselves?


only the soul can satisfy you, and if it’s polluted

it cannot function.

What is the soul’s function? (Now, I’m sounding a bit like Socrates)

The prefect soul is able to love perfectly.

Why should we love perfectly?


what we feel


the heaven or hell we walk through

and we give that to others,

even if we’re not generous.

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