Lonely Hearts,

like unread Library Books

want to spend time with me,

but I say, “No.”

There is a reason why

you are lonely


you are unread.

I don’t want to hear your story

I have my own to ponder.

The forgotten books of wisdom

are forgotten for a reason.

The great books

that aren’t read

aren’t great.

There is nothing sacred.

We can’t love, what doesn’t speak to us

I can, but…

the seconds are stolen from me.

People who don’t appreciate Poetry

are honest.

They are waiting for what poetry is supposed to do

The lonely heart knows, it’s them—

and this truth

hurts even more

than an arrow that pierces straight through.

They are angry, they aren’t read

and then,

they hate to spend time with themselves.

A good book can be read for hours…

I’m alone.

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