It tightens, like a spring

while the people push together, like a crowd

preparing to storm

my peaceful summer fields

of daffodils.

Their demands increase,

like deadlines

trying to kill me,

while I laugh at death.

I work a government job.

I love the low bar.

I do the limbo.

5 bathroom stalls occupied, and I go

in the bushes.

0 people attend my meeting, and I thank God for common sense.

My car falls apart

and I walk through the woods

to the grocery store.

It’s magical

to touch a tree

and hug living things.

The sky opens up

and smiles on me.

Steel and Concrete

try to take my joy

but I discover

how to be like water


While everybody is Hard

and the rain sprinkles on me, lightly

with its warm rays of sunshine.

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